Customer requirements and competitors are constantly requiring automotive manufacturers to develop new models in shorter timescales and at reduced cost whilst improving performance, safety and achieving the latest environmental standards.

With significant technology developments and the increasing fidelity of models, there has been a step-change in the use of virtual prototypes reducing the need for costly physical models which are time-consuming to develop.  The Automotive sector has been one of the key industries to adopt advanced modelling, simulation and immersive visualisation technologies into their development programmes and realise the benefits of how these technologies can drive innovative development, improve design for manufacture, assembly and maintenance.

Specialist Technical Capabilities

The VEC has a proven track record in providing virtual engineering expertise to the Automotive Sector and has been  instrumental in supporting a number of collaborative partnerships between major UK automotive manufacturers and innovative SME companies within the supply chain.

Our specialist technical expertise and capabilities include:

  • NVH/Multi-Body Dynamics
  • Optimisation - Multi-objective; Topology; Shape
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Virtual Test Track development
  • Bespoke immersive environments to support product design, manufacturing and process development and training

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I am in no doubt that the VEC simulation of the engine has helped convey the design concept. I very much value the proactive approach suggested and I am sure this will be very helpful for the next stage of the engine project.

TCK Engines Ltd