Developing Visualisation and AI tools for Engineering Production

Research collaboration with Airbus, applying AI and data visualisation to their production process.

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Bringing data to life in AI and visualisation

Researchers based at the STFC HartreeĀ® Centre and the Virtual Engineering Centre, University of Liverpool, are working with Airbus in the UK to apply state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and data visualisation to their production process.

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Our support meant Airbus could

  • Apply AI methods to their production data
  • Generate insights
  • Quantify opportunities
  • Interrogate production data
  • Make data-driven decisions

The Benefits

  • Improved product assessment and design
  • Better informed design decision making through greater insight
  • Revised planning of costs
  • Improved efficiencies and use of analytic tools

Client opinion

"The collaborative work undertaken is enabling us to explore how innovative use of AI and data visualisation can generate insights from our production data in an accessible way. This could help to drive efficiency improvements in our production and quality control processes."

James Perry,