Supporting Digital Training for De-Risking Dangerous Environments

Collaboration: VEC / SamsonVT

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Part of the LCR4.0 project – the Virtual Engineering Centre worked with SamsonVT to develop a high fidelity, animated interactive augmented reality application that can be used by field-based personnel to provide insight and support them in non-routine activities.


The VEC created two interactive 3D models with animated internal moving parts from information described in existing paper based instructions and one to one
expert advice, supplied by SamsonVT and their client.


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The support meant that Samson VT could:

  • Development of a high fidelity, animated interactive augmented reality application
  • Securing business ideas and remains private to them and their clients

The Benefits

  • Technology exploration
  • Product development support for final proof of concept
  • Supporting funding application
  • Product testing
  • Increased functionality
  • Improved communication and insight for field-based audiences
  • Enhancing safety of workers

Client opinion

"The VEC’s ability to capture and understand complex engineering mechanisms and create high fidelity, interactive 3D models was incredible. The VEC were genuinely a pleasure to work with."

Sam Burgess,
Co-Founder and CEO