Using Mixed Reality in Surgical Training

Collaboration: VEC / Inovus Medical

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Part of the LCR 4.0 project (ERDF) – the VEC worked with Inovus Medical to explore how immersive technology can be used to enhance product and user experience. Together we explored the possibility of combining immersive Virtual Reality (VR) and marker based movement tracking with a low-fidelity laparoscopic box trainer. The VEC also drew on extensive expertise in complex simulation and the integration of new technology within the healthcare industry.

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Our support meant that Inovus Medical could:

  • Expand features and functionality of existing product
  • Launch a VR training tool with real time video stream and physical feedback
  • Add progress tracking and reporting metrics
  • Align outcomes with learning pedagogy
  • Expand markets

The Benefits

  • Team growth – 10 new jobs
  • Extra £500k investment via North West Powerhouse
  • Reduced learning times (and costs)

Client opinion

"Highly collaborative relationship - key to solving company problems and allow to better utilise our own expertise to use new and innovative digital tools, gaining an edge over our competition."

Dr Elliot Street,
Inovus Medical

Elliot Street