Alder Hey’s Virtual Heart

The VEC worked with a surgeon at Alder Hey Hospital to improve his pre-operative surgery process.

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Exploring new ways of interacting with data & patients.

The Virtual Engineering Centre worked together with Alder Hey to explore how using advanced visualisation techniques using Virtual Reality (VR) with real patient MRI and CT scan data can hugely improve preoperative planning of complex operations and patient outcomes.

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Our support meant that the surgeon could:

  • Brought to life real patient MRI & CT Scan data
  • Improve his understanding of the challenge he faced in surgery with enhanced 3D visualisations
  • Reduce his and his patient's surgery time
  • Help to train his students
  • Help to explain malformations and corrective procedures to his patients and their families

The Benefits

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced surgery times (and costs)

Client opinion

"We are amazed by the possibilities that working with the VEC has enabled. Standing inside a virtual heart 8ft high, operating a virtual torch to examine for defects, has been one of the highlights of my innovation career so far. Applying some of the cutting edge technology operated by the VEC to improve the care of children has been an incredible journey. The ability to accurately assess the miniature detail of a sick child’s heart, using advanced 3D visuals is a technology that we will continue to pursue in partnership with the VEC."

Ian Hennessey,
Director of Innovation
Alder Hey Children's Hospital