Enhancing the Region’s Productivity through Academia and Industrial Engagement

Centre drives industrial digitalisation, delivering impact

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Established in 2010, the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) is a unique private-public partnership committed to advancing the use of modelling, simulation, 3D immersive visualisation, digital twin technology, AI and data analytics, robotics and autonomous systems to improve business performance, competitiveness and foster innovation within organisations.

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  • The VEC was catalysed by funding from the ERDF and the former Northwest Regional Development Agency.
  • Over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience in digital engineering
  • Newtork of over 489 SMEs
  • Over 681 Projects delivered within the UK
  • Delivered social and economic impact through over 876 collaborations
  • Innovative partnerships across an array of industries such as Nuclear, Health, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy and more
  • 1,022 network connections through academia, industry, tech suppliers and businesses.

The Benefits

  • Provides unique expertise for businesses across the North West and beyond
  • Access to world-class facilities including Digital testbeds and over 142 digital tools within our digital toolbox
  • Supported businesses in the devlopement of 71 new processes for streamlining processes and becoming more efficient
  • Helped to generate over £30m of investment in the regional economy
  • Supporting businesses to solve complex industry problems