Track Analytics for Effective Triage of Wide Area Surveillance Data

Tracking global urban traffic movement to increase safety and predict risk

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Track, analyse and predict global urban traffic movement

Following on from a preceding collaborative project where the VEC, the University of Liverpool’s Professor Simon Maskell from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) co-developed a system using existing Dstl data to improve on existing methods used to track, analyse and predict global maritime movement. Dstl wished to explore further how the use of these digital tools could be expanded upon by looking into other forms of transport and behavioural trends.

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Our support meant Dstl could:

  • Monitor behavioural interaction and movement of urban traffic and pedestrians anywhere in the world
  • Analyse and predict the behaviour of urban traffic
  • Carry out this analysis remotely
  • Create and run complex data queries to identify a whole host of traffic and pedestrian movement activities
  • Detect unusual behaviour and alert intervention

The Benefits

  • Plan in precautions, increasing safety
  • Identify potentially illegal activities
  • Build complex logical queries with multiple criteria, gaining greater insight

Client opinion

"Working with the Virtual Engineering Centre on this project has been invaluable in helping us to enhance the UK MOD’s and wider Government’s analytical capability globally. It has helped to collect key real-time information to monitor activities in UK and across the globe, to ensure safety for all."

Alasdair Hunter,
Senior Mathematician