Innovative Solutions for Net Zero Targets: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning and IoT

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AllGreen Energy were interested in collaborating with the VEC through the LCR4.0 Holistic project (European Regional Development Funded), to explore how additional Industry 4.0 technologies could further improve the service they offer their clients and in turn, reach a greener and more sustainable way of working.

The VECs digital experts explored the opportunities that Machine Learning techniques could provide, evaluating historical and ongoing data to support the prediction of future energy consumption and cost, based on trends and patterns.

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The support meant AllGreen Energy could...

  • Explore how emerging technologies can enhance solar panel services
  • Harness the power of Machine Learning and IoT
  • Collate efficient data sets from remote and hard-to-reach devices
  • Effectively test theories for highlighting ways of working that can lead to increased efficiencies, long-term cost savings, and lower energy usage
  • Further enhance their offering and service to customers and clients

The Benefits

  • A more holistic view of energy consumption and patterns, which makes it easier to identify trends quickly
  • Reduce the need for human interference in energy consumption management
  • Long-term cost savings and lower energy usage by companies and supporting their reach for Net Carbon Zero

Client opinion

"The VEC’s study demonstrated the potential of AI for enhancing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy costs. This boosts our confidence in developing AI-based energy management systems. We highly appreciate the VEC’s excellent support."

George Huang,
Managing Director
AllGreen Energy