Creation of 3D Digital Twins to enhance student learning in difficult-to-access environments

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The University of Liverpool’s VEC, the University of Liverpool’s Medical School, and the Countess of Chester Hospital (NHS Foundation Trust) have undergone a collaboration to explore how emerging digital technologies and tools can support medical students in gaining valuable and realistic experiences within these typically restricted or hard-to-access areas within the hospital.

Since the project’s initial introduction, the team has won ‘Best Oral Presentation’ at the University of Liverpool Associate Clinical Teacher Day (October 2023).

In addition to this, Matthew Fok of Countess of Chester Hospital has been awarded an ‘SRS Young Investigator Award’ and ‘Best Poster’ at the Medical Education Research and Scholarship for Everyone (MERSEY) conference in November 2023.

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The collaboration meant the Countess of Chester Hospital could:

  • Develop a 3D digital twin and simulation of a surgery suite or ward
  • Enable students to build confidence through virtually interacting with medical environments
  • Offer easily accessible learning resources

The Benefits

  • Improves accessibility and enhances the student learning experience
  • Gain real-time feedback for further modifications
  • Knowledge exchange for management of the simulation for the inclusion of additional functionalities
  • Apply this simulation technology for additional medical spaces in the future