Understanding public perception through healthcare communication and information distortion of COVID-19

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The University of Liverpool’s Digital Media & Society Institute (DMSI) and the VEC’s Data Science team are working collaboratively to demonstrate how communications across media platforms can support developing a greater understanding of the public’s opinions and shifts in perceptions regarding COVID-19. Specifically, the project team are considering how language, images, and video communicates key ideas in government messages, online news and social media and the stance towards those messages.

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The collaboration meant DMSI could:

  • Utilise AI capabilities and related tools to assess changing perceptions of COVID-19, using open-source and available data

The Benefits

  • Visualisation of data for enhanced understanding and quickly identifying trends
  • Better informed decision making and enhanced campaign communication and planning
  • Digital infrastructure can be expanded for additional uses

Client opinion

"We are using digital itself – such as digital media, data analytics and AI – to help us research and understand our digital society. This is only possible through interdisciplinary collaboration between DMSI and VEC."

Professor Kay O’Halloran,
Department of Communication and Media and Co-Director of the Digital Media & Society Institute (DMSI)
University of Liverpool