Accelerating Product Design at Jaguar Land Rover

Creating new virtual engineering processes, accelerating vehicle product design and development.

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Collaborative expertise and access to supercomputing facilities enabled the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) to create new virtual engineering processes for Jaguar Land Rover, accelerating vehicle product design.

The VEC team developed Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) process templates and optimisation methods to support future designs for Jaguar Land Rover, which has reduced the time taken for these processes from several weeks to a timescale of several days.

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Our support meant JLR could:

  • Access world-class digital testbed and facilities including High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Optimise modelling and simulation processes
  • Develop an integrated CAE process for maximising vehicle performance

The Benefits

  • Streamlined design process from weeks to days with enhanced performance indicators
  • Eliminated need for physical prototypes saving time and valuable materials
  • Quicker time to market delivery within a highly competitive market
  • Explored hundreds of design variables, supporting informed decision making