Incorporating Novel Technology to Enhance Vehicle Performance

Virtual engineering for product evaluation pre-manufacture

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Carbon Air approached the VEC to help with the development of their novel technology using virtual engineering tools to evaluate product design. The VEC created a number of virtual prototypes of ground vehicles, encapsulating the experimental measurements on the performance of their innovative air-springs.

Several modelling techniques were investigated for the behaviour of suspensions using multi-body dynamics. The virtual prototypes were then interrogated through the simulation of over 1000 different cases.


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Our support meant Carbon Air could:

  • Access VEC expertise and virtual engineering capabilities for improved product design
  • Utilise advanced modelling for testing and validating designs
  • Run hundreds of simulation test to de-risk innovation and to increase design confidence

The Benefits

  • Enhanced product development and performance
  • Improved design process and future product strategies
  • Inspired new patented innovations
  • Provided support material to attract technology funders to support the continued development of this product

Client opinion

"The location of the VEC on the Daresbury campus and the work provided has already resulted in a new business and job being created. The business plan for the company assumes additional staff will be employed in the near future."

John Coakley,
Carbon Air