Development of Engineering Cloud for Solving Engineering Challenges

Cloud based solution and HPC solving engineering based design challenges

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Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd (AC&E) was keen to access the advanced optimisation expertise at the VEC and together co-developed a novel Engineering Cloud product which will provide companies of all sizes with ease of access to High Performance Computing (HPC) for engineering design challenges.

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Our support meant AC&E could:

  • Access to advanced optimisation expertise at the VEC
  • Access to High Performance Computing through VEC partnership with STFC's Hartree Centre
  • Support their customers and network with engineering design challenges

The Benefits

  • Enhanced business ffering for customers and the engineering community
  • Remote access to unique capabilities and expertise at the VEC
  • Saves SMEs and other businesses time through virtual testing and exploration prior to investment commitments

Client opinion

"This project has allowed us to create a demonstration model for smaller businesses to ‘try before they buy."

Yash Khandia,
Technical Manager
Applied Computing & Engineering Limited