Supporting Innovative Product Development at Bentley Motors

Virtual Innovation Accelerates New Products To Market

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Integration of virtual prototypes in new product design and development processes as a standard.

The VEC supported Bentley Motors in the introduction and development of Virtual Reality technologies for enhancing their product development process by creating a unique framework to evaluate the assessment, verification and integration of VR technologies and immersive environments which improved design, reduced costs and accelerated new products to market.

Bentley was keen to work collaboratively with the VEC and technology partner Optis to assess the value of integrating Virtual Reality (VR) and high-fidelity simulation into their product development process and, if proven, to integrate into all future new product programmes. Sharing engineering data on their flagship model – the Mulsanne.

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Our support meant that Bentley could:

  • Integrate virtual prototypes into the product development process
  • Introduce new and immersive technologies to the company
  • Improve previous, current and future designs through virtual build and testing
  • Enhance design and product development processes to reduce time and costs
  • Work collaboratively with the VEC and digital technology providers

The Benefits

  • Make better informed decisions
  • Improve product quality and precision
  • Reduction of costly physical prototypes
  • Improve design communication processes
  • Reduce time of new products to market
  • Reduce costs