Creating inclusive experiences and supportive exhibitions

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Automated captioning, sign language, and audio-description systems can ensure inclusivity within the arts, allowing disabled, Deaf, and neuro-diverse people easier accessibility to cultural events and promoting mental well-being.

The Royal Court Liverpool has collaborated with the VEC to create automated captioning and audio-description systems for their live shows. These technologies have the potential to be used beyond the stage, such as in wellness rooms or accessibility information points. The team used tools such as Musical Instrument Digital Interface technologies to develop systems that can be easily integrated into live performances and even created a mock-up theatre device using 3D printing, lights, and sensors to test the new technology. The Royal Court now plans to implement the various automated smart technologies discovered during their LCR Holistic project (ERDF).

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This support meant that the Royal Court can:

  • Access even more shows without needing to reschedule
  • Explore how this technology can be expanded
  • Accurately translate live performances
  • Confidently test the proof-of-concept tools

The Benefits

  • Improves inclusivity and accessibility
  • Reduce staff time