Providing BAC Ltd with ‘On-Demand’ Virtual Engineering Expertise

Virtual testing process accelerates the adoption of new components and designs

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BAC Ltd, the developer of the road-legal single-seat supercar MONO, wanted to increase its flexibility and accessibility to computer-aided engineering (CAE) expertise, sophisticated software and
computing resources to evolve vehicle attributes and gain a competitive market edge.

The VEC wanted to support BAC by offering ‘on-demand’ access to a virtual testing process which would help the manufacturer to confidently accelerate the adoption of new components and

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Our support meant BAC could:

  • Develop an advanced and modularised workflow for assessing product structure
  • Run structural analysis through the VEC Engineering Cloud
  • Access digital testbeds and High Performance Computing (HPC)

The Benefits

  • 1:1 scale testing for precise results
  • Save time and valuable resources through virtual testing for design processes
  • Remotely running hundreds of tests through the VEC Engineering Cloud within minutes for quick data to inform business decisions
  • Access to collaborative network of the VEC and supply chain businesses
  • Engineering Cloud enables access to unique expertise, beyond their organisation