Distributed Simulation for simultaneous and remote testing using multiple robotics on a virtual planet

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The VEC has built a virtual Mars environment to simulate the surface operation in the Mars 2020 Mission Overview, launched by NASA on 30th July 2020, to explore the Red Planet and search for signs of microbial life, collection of rock and soil samples for return to Earth and test new technologies for supporting future Mars missions.

The VEC was able to access multiple 3D models of perseverance and ingenuity, downloaded from NASA 3D resources and launch these into the 3D world, including a habitat demonstration unit, a space exploration vehicle and a third-person astronaut player.

Click here for the case study video. 

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The project supports:

  • Research for remote environments within space
  • Combining physical and virtual environments and assets through distributed simulations
  • Greater access for students, researchers and engineers
  • Creation of a realistic environment including physical variables such as weather conditions

The Benefits

  • De-risks complex and dangerous missions
  • Reduction in resources needed and humans being placed in hazardous environments
  • Better informed decision making for improved mission planning
  • Collaborative testing and sample collections