Creating realistic experiences through the Metaverse for improved inclusion

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The VEC collaborated with Get Real to co-develop a Metaverse experience for virtual guests of a unique Create Arts Digital Sandpit event, showcasing to the creative and performing arts sector how Industry 4.0 technologies can improve audience engagement and operational activity.

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Benefits are…

  • Improved inclusivity and accessibility for interested parties
  • Enhanced audiences experiences with greater convenience

The Benefits

  • Create additional revenue for their business.
  • Recreate an immersive and realistic environment by uniquely combining the virtual and physical worlds.
  • Reduce unforeseen event cancellations and be able to easily share resources such as presentations.

Client opinion

"We applaud the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) for leveraging this new and innovative technology to deliver immersive and engaging content for the Creative Arts Digital Sandpit. The VEC’s willingness to pilot this event in the Metaverse highlights their unique position of leadership amongst their peers. We anticipate the VEC will build on their initial success with Get Real in the Metaverse towards many future immersive projects and experiences to the benefits of their audience."

Ed Haravon,
Get Real