VEC Supports Engineering Partners in Remaining Competitive within Nuclear Industry

Using advanced visualisation in the development of virtual factories

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As a key partner, Morson Projects was keen to utilise the VEC’s expertise and visualisation technologies to support their client projects including developing virtual factories and exploring the benefit of apply virtual engineering to nuclear ventilation challenges to accelerate design and optimise ergonomics.

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Our support meant Morson Projects could:

  • Gain access to visualisation expertise at the VEC for supporting client projects
  • Explore the possibilities and benefits of virtual factories
  • Explore applied virtual engineering for tackling nuclear ventilation challenges, to accelerate design and optimise ergonomics

The Benefits

  • Gained greater insight into challenges within the Nuclear industry and recommendations for overcoming these
  • Supporting a comprehensive design review process
  • Providing valuable ergonomic assessment data
  • Supporting the safety and scenario planning

Client opinion

"Virtual Engineering is the future of engineering design and manufacture. Our collaborative partnership with the VEC has not only demonstrated to Morson Projects the value in adopting virtual prototyping within the design process, but it has also enabled us to provide our clients with industry-first, cost-effective solutions, delivering competitive advantage to their business. With an increasing demand for this service, we are looking forward to strengthening our partnership with the team at the VEC."

Vaughn Edelman,

Morson Projects