Facilitating remote accessibility and increased engagement through Matterport technology

Creating immersive and interactive remote environments for improved learning, inclusivity and accessibility

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The Virtual Engineering Centre collaborated with Vaadhoo Media through the LCR4 START and LCR4.0 Holistic projects (European and Regional Development Funded initiatives) for the development of Matterport scans, sharing 360 image capture of historical assets across the Liverpool City Region with key regional stakeholders and policy makers, utilising 5G technology for improving accessibility and inclusivity for multiple groups.

The teams collaborated for capturing hundreds of realistic images of St Patrick’s Church and Crypt which would then be displayed at the UK’s first Digital Heritage Symposium, an exclusive event Vaadhoo Media also streamed live, connecting to a secure 5G network for connecting to a YouTube channel, allowing for even more audiences to tune in.

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The support meant Vaadhoo Media could:

  • Explore new ways for hosting and sharing their exclusive and exciting scans
  • Improve interactivity within the immersive experiences
  • Connect to even more businesses and commercial channels than before
  • Make connections and develop relationships with those involved within new markets for exploring expansion of work portfolio and purposes of their work
  • Support in showcasing and communicating to local policy leaders how Industry 4.0 technologies can enable the city and its businesses to become more net positive

The Benefits

  • Interactive remote tourism for greater engagement across the globe
  • Safer remote access for reaching broader audiences for enhanced resilience and increased inclusivity, particularly for diverse groups with accessibility and mental health concerns
  • Improved customer experience with enriched learning from additional resources
  • Increase in detailed historic records and data capture, including experiences from end-users
  • Create much more detailed and accurate imagery though Matterport technology

Client opinion

"I can confirm the comparison work and the recent events have been of significant benefit and have directly shaped the current business plans for the next 12 months in terms of investment and development of products for the market. I'd highly recommend working the VEC and LCR4.0 Teams and I look forward to hopefully being involved again soon as the project continues and grows."

Mark Carr,
Vaadhoo Media