Thrive Together Workshops: Book Your Place

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The University is leading on Thrive – a Research England funded initiative to co-develop a new a convenor-led model for research teams. The model aims to encourage more inclusive and diverse team working and will be piloted through a live funding call with AHRC in 2024.   

Three ‘Thrive Together’ workshops are being held in early 2024 to fine-tune and enhance the model.  

Bookings are now open, so secure your place here.

The workshops will kick things off by reviewing the current draft model following previous events in November and December 2023, identifying strengths, and pinpointing areas for improvement.  

Subsequent sessions will delve into specific aspects of the project, allowing participants to collectively help shape a new model.  


Professor Georgina Endfield, APVC for the Research Environment, who is co-leading the project, said: “Stakeholder input is invaluable. Insights and expertise are the key ingredients to crafting a more effective and dynamic approach, so we want as many people as possible to join us for one or all our future workshops.   

“Whether you can bring technical know-how, academic vision, creative thinking, or operational expertise, your unique perspective will be instrumental in refining our model.” 


The teams have already gained a deeper understanding of what effective and inclusive team-based working in research could look like. Read the findings so far in their latest blog.    

 Alternatively, follow their LinkedIn page for updates, discussion and opportunities. 


Why Sign Up? 

  • Collaboration in Action: Engage in dynamic discussions and actively contribute to designing a ground-breaking convenor model.   
  • Inclusive Networking: Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, sharing roles, and forging new connections.   
  • Get a Sneak Peek: Explore the proposed convenor model principles and parameters shared pre-workshop, setting the stage for collaborative innovation.   
  • Your Voice Matters: Breakout sessions designed to gather your insights on fitting into the model and identifying potential missing elements.   
  • Shape Tomorrow’s Research Landscape: Be part of a transformative experience, breaking down silos and fostering a culture of trust and communication.