Exploring future opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

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An interactive workshop for employers in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, led by the Prosper team at the University of Liverpool.

About this Event

What is Prosper?

There are over 50,000 postdoctoral researchers in the UK. These are highly-skilled, adaptable and creative individuals. And only 10% of them will go on to pursue an academic career long-term.

Working with a range of employers and partners in the sector, The University of Liverpool is leading a new initiative called Prosper. The project aims to open up the huge talent pool that exists within the postdoctoral research community to the benefit of organisations like yours.

We are creating a new approach to postdoc career development that will equip postdocs with the skillsets, attributes and mindsets required to thrive in multiple careers pathways, including the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sector.


About this workshop

This co-creation with employers is what makes Prosper so unique. We’re inviting you to develop Prosper with us, ensuring that it speaks to the needs of your organisation.

Join the Prosper team for an interactive workshop which will bring together a range of employers in the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sector in order for us to understand:

  • The key functions within your sector
  • The types of roles you recruit into, both now and forecasting for the next 5-10 years
  • The core skillsets, talents and mindsets you require for these roles and how you develop these internally


Why attend?

  • Learn more about the postdoc talent pool your organisation could tap into
  • Influence how we shape the skills and mindsets of postdocs to the benefit of your organisation
  • Join a network of stakeholders committed to sharing ideas and future-proofing their organisation’s post Covid-19
  • Collaborate with the University of Liverpool on a flagship project of national significance and reach

More about Prosper

Find out more about the Prosper model of career development on our website or contact Katie McAllister, Prosper Stakeholder Engagement Manager at: prosper.postdoc@liverpool.ac.uk