McLaren park up at University of Liverpool

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McLaren are best known for their award winning British Formula One team. However the flash team zoomed into the Virtual Engineering Centre here at the University of Liverpool to not only showcase their impressive car but to see how innovative virtual technology can help them leave their competition behind!

As soon as they arrived they drew attention to their beautiful parked McLaren 570S outside as students admired the design and flawless appearance.


Visiting the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), we demonstrated to McLaren’s Executive Director, Alan Foster some of our key skills and some previous collaborative projects we have worked on including the Alder Hey project. When the virtual heart came onto the screen and the VEC’s Carlo demonstrated how you can walk into the heart, Alan gasped and said “you’ve expanded my brain to another level” and “that’s another league!”.

Impressed, along with the University Engineering students, we also demonstrated to Alan how we have worked with Automobile giants Bentley previously on a very successful Case Study, STRIVE. Alan agreed that whilst visiting the Universities and seeing their latest technology is fun to explore, he sees the value in this when you can see practical engineering with real substance.