Bringing virtual and digital engineering skills to schools

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The world of manufacturing and industry is ever-evolving, but once in a while a change comes along that revolutionises the way we work. The next big prediction is Industry 4.0, linked to the Internet of Things, the Internet of Service, automation and data processing.

The VEC works at the centre of this technological development, pioneering solutions that through benefiting industry will disrupt the UK’s manufacturing processes. With changes in technology and processes comes the need for a workforce skilled in this area, which is why the VEC is committed to introducing virtual engineering and digital manufacturing to schools, giving them the opportunity to learn more about what a career in that sector entails.

Recently the VEC visited nearby Riverside College to present in front of around 120 college students and to show several interactive demonstrations for the students to take part in. Of the presentation and demonstrations, Jayne Smith Head of Skills and Enterprise said,

“The visit seemed to have stimulated lots of discussions on the potential of this technology and  the College is  very grateful for the opportunity you have given to so many of our students to experience this.”

This is being followed up by a visit from 12 selected pupils from the college, who will have the opportunity to learn more about the VEC’s work, technology and facilities.

If you are interested in learning more about virtual engineering, please get in touch.