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The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), Bentley Motors and Optis outlined how elements of the collaborative R&D project STRIVE  (Simulation Tools for Rapid Innovation in Vehicle Engineering) was already being deployed and accelerating new product development at Bentley Motors, to an audience of sector specialists at the Engineering Simulation Show at Derby.

Jamie Farrell, part of the Manufacturing Projects team at Bentley, highlighted the gains that had been made by the business from using the new tools and process developed within the project to date.

Presenter Dr Gillian Murray, Director of the VEC, provided delegates with an overview of the three year STRIVE project, highlighting the role of the VEC as technical lead and integrators and explaining how the unique innovation process deployed at the VEC has helped all partners to identify requirements and co-design solutions for Bentley.

Chris Grieve, Director of Optis Northern Europe, illustrated the achievements to date from the project from an SME perspective including the newly developed software tools from Optis and DNA-Agile.

Chris Grieve stated, “R&D funding through programmes such as AMSCI (Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative) provide critical support to enable UK SMEs such as Optis and DNA-Agile, essential access to the OEMs and enable the co-development of products, ensuring a direct route to market and immediate growth opportunities for the business”.

The STRIVE projects team also exhibited at the Engineering Simulation Show including a full Virtual Reality display of the new digital tools developed in STRIVE

The STRIVE project was awarded funding from the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI).  AMSCI is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and is managed by Finance Birmingham on behalf of BIS.