Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory (RASL)

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory (RASL)

RASL provides a networked simulation and visualisation facility that bridges the gap between advanced robotics in the laboratory and the real world.

RASL supports the design, development and analysis of autonomous robotics in various synthetic worlds, and provides an open access environment for systems evaluation, integration and support. This allows for the testing of hardware and software for the development of a wide range of autonomous vehicles- connected to each other and/or their environment.

Like all VEC laboratories, in addition to pioneering cutting-edge capabilities, RASL has been designed to facilitate collaboration across all academia, government and industry. The facility itself has been developed in partnership with the University of Liverpool's Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST) bringing a cross-disciplinary team of experts, ranging from Engineering, Computer Science, Law and Psychology. 

The defense and aerospace markets are already well supported by other VEC labs, but there is a need to catalyse engagement on new markets for autonomy, such as in automotive, nuclear and space sectors, all of which offer potential for growth and for significant strategic relationships.