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University of Liverpool | Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (BROCHURE)

The University of Liverpool's multi-disciplinary Centre of Excellence in autonomous systems.

University of Liverpool | Business Gateway | VEC

An overview of the VEC and how businesses can benefit from collaborating with us.

VEC capability portfolio

An overview of the capabilities at the Virtual Engineering Centre.

Virtual engineering on demand through the Cloud

The VEC have created easy to use, remote access to virtual engineering processes for BAC Ltd to enhance and steer rapid testing of vehicle components. The aim was to enable BAC Ltd to access 'on demand' virtual testing processes helping them to accelerate the adoption of new components and designs.

VEC Wheel Change Challenge!

In partnership with BAC MONO and Virtalis, the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC)l have developed a 3D interactive demo where participants change the wheel of a virtual racing car against the clock. They must remove the bolts, using a power tool, change the wheel and refasten the bolts. The simulation is augmented with additional visual, auditory and haptic information. The wheel and individual bolts that had to be removed, for example, changed colour to represent that they were properly seated, information that would be provided by haptic information in real life.

Introduction to the Virtual Engineering Centre

Overview of the Virtual Engineering Centre.