Type Name
Virtual Reality Laboratory | design review, internal audit
Haptics laboratory
Simulation tracking system
Virtual Engineering Simulation Lab (VESL) supporting UAV development
CFD simulation of the heating cycle of a large autoclave
Virtual prototype | Build quality, light reflection and tolerances

Virtual prototypes demonstrating light reflection and build quality tolerances.

Immersive Virtual Environment
Visualisation and virtual reality laboratory

3D immersive visualisation used to review automotive interior design process.

Virtual prototyping | exterior quality audit
Water turbine flow analysis
Virtual Engineering Centre | Powerwall
Visualisation of CFD analysis to aid understanding of aerodynamic effects

The video shows a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model developed to provide insight into the behaviour of airflow over an airframe. The simulation was developed to view the stream tubes in a 3D visualisation environment, enhancing the ability to investigate design and aerodynamic effects.

Computational Fluid Dynamics on a HGV

The video shows a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation developed to provide insight into the behaviour of the flow and drag characteristics around a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) fitted with a new design of mud flap. The analysis enabled the design team to determine whether the new product offered improved aerodynamic performance over existing design.

VEC case study | Bentley Motors

The VEC, in partnership with specialist light simulation experts Optis, has enabled Bentley Motors to integrate the use of virtual prototypes into their new product development process, improving design at an early stage when changes are less costly, accelerating time to market for new models.

VEC case Study | BAC Ltd

A novel technology solution developed by the VEC and accessible through the Engineering Cloud web portal, was deployed by BAC Ltd to support the evaluation and understanding of vehicle attributes and enhance vehicle development.

VEC case study | BAE Systems

In partnership with BAE Systems the VEC has developed a Virtual Engineering Simulation Laboratory (VESL) for the integration, test and generation evidence for certification of components of Autonomous Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

VEC case study | Jaguar Land Rover

Collaborative engineering expertise has allowed JLR to create new virtual engineering processes that help accelerate vehicle design.

Robotics Autonomy Simulation Laboratory (RASL) View
Virtual Engineering Centre overview View
Cossan-X | For uncertainty quantification and risk analysis

COSSAN-X is a software tool specifically developed for uncertainly quantification and risk analysis. Providing an ’all-in-one' package, COSSAN-X enables practitioners to analyse real-life engineering problems in a wide variety of applications and fields.