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Directions to the VEC

Directions to the VEC

Virtual Heart Case Study, created from real patient MRI & CT scan data

A collaborative project from the Virtual Engineering Centre and Alder Hey Children's Hospital, where we used real patient MRI & CT scan data to produce a virtual heart which allows easier identification of malformations of the heart. This innovation transforms preoperative planning, training, communication and ultimately improves surgery procedure outcomes.

LCR 4.0 Case Study: Heap & Partners

Heap & Partners wished to explore the application of additive manufacturing, focusing on improving existing 3D models and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data skills in order to develop a 3D printed equivalent of a product. A 3D printed model could be used as a proof of concept prior to further investments and design decisions. Heap & Partners also wanted to look into an Augmented Reality (AR) app which would allow users to explore the internal workings and components of one of the company’s valve designs.

STRIVE Project

In collaboration with Finance Birmingham, Programme Managers of the AMSCI initiative, this ground-breaking development project will lead to improvements in manufacturing productivity through the introduction of innovative new manufacturing planning processes.

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Liverpool Digital: Making Connections. Creating Transformation.
LCR 4.0
VEC Case study | STRIVE

A three year collaborative R&D project, STRIVE (Simulation Tools for Rapid Innovation in Vehicle Engineering) aimed to deliver a new digital supply chain to develop globally competitive products.

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Research paper | The Effects of Multisensory Cues on the Sense of Presence and Task Performance in a Virtual Reality Environment View
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VEC case study | Alder Hey Children's Hospital

The VEC, in partnership with Alder Hey Children's Hospital is pioneering a new surgical technique using VR technology.

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Centre for Doctoral Training on Quantification and Management of Risk & Uncertainty in Complex Systems & Environments View
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Simulation and interactive 3D visualisation | supporting manufacturing and training