Bentley virtual reality, in a fully immersive environment.

Virtual Engineering Simulation Laboratory at the VEC@Daresbury.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory (RASL) located at VEC@Daresbury. This facility has been developed in partnership with the University of Liverpool's Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology.

Our work includes incorporating haptic tools. We work closely with the University of Liverpool's Psychology department to help us better understand the use of haptic cues in Virtual Engineering.

The VEC's main office is located at Daresbury Laboratory, at the heart of the Enterprise Zone, Sci-Tech Daresbury. (Credit: STFC)

STRIVE will develop an integrated solution of high fidelity simulation, immersive virtual prototypes and processes for evaluation and, ultimately, application for the advancement of the UK automotive industry.

In addition to our labs and offices at Sci-Tech Daresbury, the VEC benefits from facilities at the University of Liverpool where we have a lab within the School of Engineering.