Virtalis Ltd

Virtalis Ltd is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company which provides technology to companies to help provide a better understanding of design and manufacturing information by enabling their clients’ interaction through advanced visualisation and simulation.

Virtalis Ltd, based in Manchester, identified the VEC as a key collaborative partner to promote and demonstrate the benefits of Virtual Reality and stereoscopic immersion to a broad range of engineering companies and to new market sectors.

Utilising the broad range of expertise available at the VEC, Virtalis has developed new capabilities to integrate state-of the-art peripherals with current versions of commercial off-the-shelf software, providing their advanced engineering clients with solutions to reduce development times and de-risk projects.  Incorporating the ‘real data’ provided by the VEC has provided clients with enhanced demonstrations of the technologies within an industry applied solution.

This approach has increased the adoption and uptake of new technologies to a new client base for Virtalis and has supported growth of the business.  In addition, due to the VEC’s open approach which provides a platform for greater collaboration and integration between suppliers, Virtalis are working with technology partners to develop more innovative and tailored solutions for the end user. 

Working with the VEC has enabled Virtalis to access a wider market audience and has provided a demonstration capability in an applied environment resulting in greater adoption of the technology through to a new client base.  Our involvement in collaborative programmes with the VEC has boosted our credibility as a supplier of advanced engineering technologies.  We see this as an on-going relationship and the VEC will be seeing more of us in the coming year.

Julian Ford - Business Development Manager, Virtalis Ltd

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