OCF PLC, based at Daresbury Innovation Centre, is a high performance server and storage cluster integrator and provide cloud infrastructure to support clients with data processing requirements who do not have their own resources to build their own cluster.

OCF PLC approached the VEC to assist and support its activities through the development of virtual prototypes for participation in products trials to demonstrate the performance of HPC in running complex simulations.  The trials demonstrated that processing was in some cases twice as fast as previously possible.

This has provided OCF with a high level communication tool to demonstrate the company’s capabilities to a wide industry audience.

OCF is an example of a high growth innovation company which has increased its turnover in the last year by over 50% from £13m to £20m.

There is no doubt that the HPC and high-performance storage markets are the ones that have held up best over the past couple of years.  We have always been very good at the technical side of the business...but about five years ago we realised we needed to look at the delivery capabilities of the business as well and we have spent a lot of time getting the logistics right.

Julian Fielden, Managing Director, OCF PLC

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