Engineered Capabilities Ltd


Engineered Capabilities Ltd provides specialist advice and input to organisations in the public and private sectors in advanced manufacturing technologies, market analysis and strategies for accessing and developing new manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

Engineering Capabilities Ltd was looking to grow based on the development of new products and they approached the VEC to provide Virtual Prototypes to provide them with a better understanding of the thermal and electrical properties of a novel new material identified for use in a range of advanced manufacturing markets and applications. 

The VEC‘s expertise in modelling and simulation provided data to support IP on the new product and helped to advance patent application.  As a direct result, Engineered Capabilities Ltd has been awarded TSB grant funding to accelerate product development and licensing of this novel technology, with very good opportunities for further investment funding.

Key benefits included:

  • Virtual prototyping based on experimental measurements to evaluate product performance and demonstrate benefits to customers
  • Strategies for leveraging product performance and new patented innovations

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