Carbon Air


Carbon Air is a University of Salford spin-out company developing a range of new noise-proofing, audio and air spring technologies to engineering /transport markets. The company's expertise lies in a unique capacity to characterise the behaviour of a range of materials with unusual properties, particularly in their ability make small spaces behave like larger ones. The company is backed by the North West Fund for Venture Capital via EV, and is exploring licensing and specialist consultancy opportunities with a number of Global partners.

The VEC helped Carbon Air with new product development through the creation of virtual prototypes of ground vehicles, encapsulating the experimental measurements on the performance of air-springs filled with activated carbon granules.  Several modelling techniques were investigated for the behaviour of suspensions using multi-body dynamics and the developed virtual prototypes were interrogated through the simulation of over 1000 different cases. It was proven through this project that an air-spring with a piston filled with activated carbon granules and an appropriate control strategy demonstrates superior performance in ride comfort and vehicle holding in comparison with a typical air-spring.

Key benefits included:

  • Virtual prototyping based on experimental measurements to evaluate product performance and demonstrate benefits to customers
  • Strategies for leveraging product performance and new patented innovations
  • Comparison studies with conventional approaches

The location of the VEC on the Daresbury campus has directly contributed to the company locating on the Daresbury campus and the work above has already resulted in a new business and job being created. The business plan for the company assumes additional staff will be employed in the near future resulting in additional growth.