The VEC has strong links and capabilities within the Energy sector, including oil and gas, nuclear and wind.


The VEC has developed specific expertise in:

  • Supporting Renewable Energy Technologies and maintenance planning and operations through the development of virtual ted beds
  • Developing greater insight into key challenges within the Nuclear Industry (from design to decommissioning) through the use of new digital frameworks for collaboration
  • Developing innovative simulation and modelling to support new technologies within the oil and gas industry


The Virtual Engineering Centre is collaborating with key partners including Wood PLC, EDF and Rolls Royce as part of an innovative Digital Reactor Design Programme.  This programme has been funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of a wider UK government nuclear research and development programme. The project aims to develop the first stages towards an Integrated Nuclear Digital Environment (INDE) which will:

  • Develop a digital integrated framework to support future nuclear reactor build – design through to decommissioning
  • Provide a safe environment for scenario planning
  • Allow access for the non-nuclear community

For more information about the project, visit here.




The VEC has developed strong links and has access to key energy research bodies such as the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy.


The advanced modelling and simulation analysis delivered by the Virtual Engineering Centre has enabled BiSN to understand and validate the behaviour of our new material and demonstrate the effectiveness of our new technology for use in the oil and gas sectors. Following recent US field trials, we anticipate significant sales and market penetration. The VEC’s professional standing and expertise has helped to promote confidence in our product and has accelerated our current negotiations with US State bodies.

Paul Carragher – Director, BiSN Technologies Ltd