Designs on Virtual Reality: VEC Supporting Aston Martin

Date: Thursday, July 06, 2017

Designs on Virtual Reality: VEC Supporting Aston Martin

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) recently supported the Aston Martin Concepts Team to demonstrate a range of interior design options for an upcoming model, using the latest virtual reality technologies.

Using early stage design data, the VEC team developed detailed virtual reality (VR) models for a number of design variations which were reviewed using VR headsets within a physical model of the vehicle by the Aston Martin Senior Management team.   The team were able to get a feel for the interior space whilst easily and instantly “switching” between designs’, allowing key design decisions to be made more quickly and accelerating next stage development.

Nigel Brook, Director of Design Concepts at Aston Martin commented,

“Many of our Senior Management Team were surprised at how “real” the environment “felt” and are keen to push the Technology further and explore future possibilities”

Lynn Dwyer, Interim Head of Business said,

“We are delighted to have been part of the project and we are in discussions with the team at Aston Martin as to how they can maximise the benefits from this technology to enhance their product development process”.



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