Smart Data & Digital Engineering

Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018

Location: Liverpool Science Park, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

An introductory seminar to the world of Smart Data & Digital Engineering for practically minded, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and companies interested in bringing digital skills and solutions to bear on practical industrial challenges.

There will be a chance to network with professionals from across a spectrum of industries over beer and pizza.

Algolib & Red Ninja will be jointly hosting this event with support from the Virtual Engineering Centre, the STFC Hartree Centre and the Liverpool Science Park. The event was founded by Algolib alongside the Virtual Engineering Centre and the STFC Hartree Centre as a forum for data science, digital creatives, engineers and manufacturers to innovate.


Smart Data, not Big Data:

We don't just talk big data, we do Smart Data, applying AI, algorithms, machine learning and data science to achieve real results.


Digital Engineering:

A new generation of multi-talented engineers ready to meet Industrial Challenges: from coding and 3D modelling to electrical, robotics and autonomous systems engineers. Digital Engineers solve problems with physical and software tools.

The network will meet to share ideas, showcase innovations, explore new opportunities and accelerate innovation.  From manufacturing and engineering to healthcare and sustainability.



Introduction - Red Ninja

“Let’s talk big data” - Simon Wang and Lewis James, AlgoLib

"Smart Data and Digital Creatives, opportunities in manufacturing, and how to be a part of it." - Andrew Borland, Virtual Engineering Centre

“Data Automation from AI to Smart Contracts” - Tom Kirkham & Ela Schraps, STFC Hartree

*The Virtual Engineering Centre and STFC Hartree are currently supporting Liverpool City Regions under the LCR 4.0 programme, a programme part funded by ERDF.


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