Festival of Innovation

Date: Wednesday 08 November 2017

Location: The Hartree Centre, STFC Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington

Wednesday 8 November, 2:00pm - 5pm 
The Hartree Centre, STFC Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4AD

Science Technology Faculty Council (STFC) invite you to visit the IBM UK Lab Campus, and discover why they're the innovation engine of IBM in the United Kingdom.

You are welcome to register your interest in attending. Simply visit their website here, where you will also find the latest information.

The Festival showcases technology, people, and practices for public cloud and cognitive. On offer will be compelling examples how IBM influence industry, developer advocates, universities, government, and the wider IBM.

The guest speaker is Anna-Marina Dearsley, whose pre-school son Emerson has a spinal cord injury. She will talk about caring for him, and her experience of IBM's hackathon event that considered ways to assist Emerson, his family, and his network of helpers.


  • Try AI for fashion, healthcare, banking, farming... even serving coffee.
  • Discover how easy IBM's dev platform and tools are... even for schoolkids.
  • Experience virtual reality for staying safe in space, on Earth, even online.
  • See IoT innovations for clothing, housing, transport... even a zoo.
  • And more! Check our website for the latest information on demos.

Tours of the STFC's location and facilities:

  • Virtual Engineering Centre.
  • Campus Technology Hub purpose-built engineering facility.
  • Particle Accelerator and Tower.