Date: Wednesday 04 October 2017

Location: STFC Daresbury Laboratory 1st Floor Atrium, B’ Block, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Warrington

This exhibition is a premier event for the promotion of Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation. It will be of interest to: Scientists, Technologists, Researchers, Engineers, Project Managers, Procurement Staff and; all involved in the assessment, specification or purchasing of Science, Technology and Innovative products or services.


Companies exhibiting, at time of going to press:

• Aerotech Ltd

• Anritsu

• Aquila Nuclear Engineering

• Aspen Electronics

• Atlantic Microwave Ltd

• Caltest Instruments Ltd

• Capula Ltd

• Carbolite Gero

• Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd

• Edwards Vacuum

• Elliot Scientific Ltd

• Gencoa Ltd

• Genvolt

• Heason Technology Ltd

• Heidenhain (GB) Ltd

• iCenta Controls Ltd

• Interface Precision Engineering Ltd

• Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd

• Leybold UK Ltd

• LG Motion Ltd

• MiniTech UK Ltd

•Pfeiffer Vacuum Ltd

• Photek Ltd

•Portobello-RMF Engineering Ltd

• Precision Acoustics

• STFC Tenders Opportunities Team

• Teledyne Lecroy

• UHV Design Ltd