Virtual Innovation

Virtual Innovation

Our unique 'sandpit' model allows technology organisations to enhance their capabilities through virtual innovation, accessing academic research and the latest scientific and technology infrastructure. Our approach can be applied to engineering product development, production implementation, through to training and customer support. Our capabilities are complemented by accessing our extensive networks to maximise the opportunities for innovation and collaboration.


Partners bring their specialist knowledge and expertise to the VEC Sandpit, enabling them access to the latest research, technology, facilities and networks.  The collaborative nature of the Sandpit sometimes enables the VEC to leverage funding to support activities through government funded programmes.

 Organisations already involved in the VEC Sandpit have contributed through:

  • Supplying data for collaborative programmes and projects
  • Supplying innovative workflows and methodologies
  • Supplying specialist hardware
  • Supplying specialist software

We are always looking for new partners to join, explore and discover.