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The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) delivers innovative Digital Engineering solutions to industry, through the exploitation of academic research and the latest scientific and technological infrastructure.

The VEC is a UK centre leading in the integration and exploitation of Virtual Engineering technologies such as advanced modelling and simulation and immersive visualisation for industrial and commercial applications.

The VEC helps to support organisations to deliver their digital strategies with a key aim to enhance capability and transform business performance and competitiveness through the evaluation, application and adoption of digital tools and techniques.

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The VEC comprises a multi-disciplinary team including specialists in engineering, computer science, visualisation and manufacturing technology, and is underpinned by the University of Liverpool and specialist Centres of Excellence. Located at both Sci-Tech Daresbury and The University of Liverpool the VEC acts as a hub in communicating research back to potential end users, while providing competitive advantage to industry.



Merseyside Innovation Awards

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LivWiSE "Whats the Future....of Robotics?" Panel discussion

LivWiSE "Whats the Future....of Robotics?" Panel discussion

Date: 01 February 2018

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